Looking for the perfect tuxedo? Look no further! Our selection of tuxedos has something for everyone. From classic black tie styles to modern slim fits, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget the accessories! We have a great selection of cummerbunds, bow ties, and more to complete your look.

Everything You Need to Know About Tuxedo

The traditional black tuxedo is an iconic piece of formal wear, though there are many methods to customize tuxedo suits to make them fit a gown code and your style.

What Is a Tuxedo?

A tuxedos is a proper outfit for formal events such as weddings, galas, premieres, and balls. The tuxedos used to be popularized in nineteenth-century England as the go-to suit for formal apparel and became an worldwide fixture of menswear. Today, the essential parts of the tuxedos remain—the bow tie as a pop of black at the neck, cufflinks for cinching the wrist, cummerbunds to clean out the shirt, and the tuxedos pants and go well with jacket to go over the tuxedos shirt.

There are a number methods to make your tuxedos singular through lapel types, pocket rectangular folds, and tailcoat designs. Color can also play a role: You can put on midnight blue and white tuxedos for formal appears at black tie non-compulsory events. A black-tie gown code does necessitate black tie attire if an invitation specifies creative black tie.

3 Tuxedo Lapel Styles

As the topmost section of one’s tux, the tuxedo jacket, or dinner jacket, is one of the best parts of this suit to diversify and personalize. Below are three lapel styles to reflect onconsideration on when growing and tailoring your tux:

1. Shawl lapels: Shawl lapels or shawl collars function rounded, swooped edges, mirroring that of a scarf worn around one’s neck. Shawl lapels have extra aptitude and are much less traditional, making them extra aligned with semi-formal attire. The persona James Bond frequently wears tuxedos with scarf collars.
2. Notch lapels: Notch lapels have a “notch” the place the lapel meets the collar of the suit coat. Notch lapels are a bit extra informal but also tremendously versatile, viewed on the whole lot from sports activities blazers to dinner coats.
3. Peak lapels: Peak lapel tuxedos have a lapel that widens like a “V” as it strategies your collar. These are viewed as extra formal than other lapel sorts and are signature factors of tuxedos with tailcoats. The “V” form can assist create the photo of a tighter waist, and so this jacket can connote a slim fit.

How to Wear a Tuxedo

There are a number of steps to putting on a tuxedo. See how to put together for your black tie event with a traditional black tie ensemble by following the steps below:

1. Put on your undergarments first.

Start by placing on any undergarments and socks. For a basic black tuxedo look, black costume socks will work best.

2. Put on your dress shirt, studs, and cuffs.

The white costume shirt, or tuxedo bib, goes below your jacket, and the buttonholes fasten with black studs that tie the black-and-white ensemble together. Insert cufflinks at the wrist’s buttonholes; if you wear French cuffs, the material will be longer, so you’ll have to fold the material back over itself before cuffing. This style of shirt is a frequent section of the tuxedo outfit. Finally, put on your black bow tie.

3. Step into your tuxedo trousers.

Your dress pants may also have a black silk or satin stripe down the side with a plain front, and they may also have pleats. The sort you select presents the chance to personalize your tux look. Tuck your shirt into your pants, zip up, and clasp the waist button.

4. Tie your cummerbund around the waist.

Tuxedo pants do not have belt loops; instead, put on a cummerbund, the black, silky sash that wraps round your navel, and ties or snaps in the returned to cowl your waist and smooth out the phase of the shirt that may also wrinkle when tucked in.

5. Put on your jacket.

There are many sorts of tuxedo jackets, inclusive of height lapel, notch lapel, and shawl collar. Jackets can additionally be single- or double-breasted: the former have a single row of buttons the place the two parts of the jacket meet at your navel, while the latter is cut to permit two rows of buttons, one on the left and one on the right. Single-breasted jackets are greater present day and common, however the double-breasted jacket can stand out greater and examine as greater stylish or formal. When purchasing your ensemble, inform the income clerk or the tailor the occasion you need the tux for, which will dictate the type of jacket you are buying.

6. Put on your shoes.

Black patent leather shoes are a basic seem to accompany your tuxedo. Lace up, provide the footwear a shine, and pull your socks up to your knees (or as a ways up as they will go). For semi-formal occasions, you can put on stylish loafers.

7. Personalize with other accent pieces.

You can wear pocket squares for formal events. Boutonnieres are popular at proms, and you can put on suspenders to preserve your pants up if they are a touch loose.